Are you exhausted and are ready to make sleep changes? This guide is for you!

This will help you start to navigate sleep training/teaching with your child - it will guide you how to create a sleep plan and how to implement it.

I have what you need for creating healthy sleep habits:

  • Why day and night sleep looks different
  • How to set up the sleep environment
  • Sleep timings and naps by age
  • How to move from bassinet
  • How to move from co-sleeping
  • Common troubleshooting
  • Different sleep temperments
  • 4 sleep methods to select from including how to use them

This is for you if:

  • You're on a budget
  • You're exhausted and need a change now
  • You can read then follow the information
  • You want my sleep info organzied + in one document
  • You want to do it on your own

Let's get you more sleep!